No wiring changes.
    Install in just 30 minutes.

Katkum Smart Home

Katkum offers a range of products to turn your existing home into smart home. Just fit katkum smart home node inside your existing switch board without the need to pull cables. It takes control of your lights and fan without changing switches and its operating feel, smart home node connects to wifi and gives control to your lights and fan from your mobile to control from anywhere. Amazon Alexa integration allows you to control your lights and fan speed using your voice.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • No wiring changes required. Fits inside swich board
  • Works with existing electrical switchs and appliances.
  • Add intelligence with acessories.
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future.
  • Controls FAN speed.

Amazing Features

Completely Retrofit

Katkum smart home installation is done without replacing your existing switches and wiring.

Amazon Alexa Enabled

With Amazon Alexa Voice Service, All you have to do is say “Turn on/off”. For total hands-free control, it can even hear you from across the room.

Regular Updates & Support

We are at katkum constantly adding new features, with You are always have new features.

Easy to use Mobile App

With your existing lights, fans and switch board, experience the smartness in every corner of house

Unlimited Possibilities

With integrated RF Wireless Technology, you can connect many RF devices to control your home.

Poket Friendly

With our cost effective and simple solution make your home a smart living place.


Katkum 4Node

Controls three switches and one fan. Suitable for bedroom. ultra compact size.

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Katkum 6Node

Controls one fan and five switches/lights, suitable for living room, comes with separate phase for inverter.

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Katkum 8Node

Controls upto eight devices, Used in offices where large number of lights and ACs present.

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Simple & Easy to use mobile app.

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