Katkum 8Node

Katkum Smart Switch 8 Node can make your existing lights, fans and other electrical fittings smart. It enables user to easily control your home electrical fittings using your mobile phone and Amazon Alexa. It is a retrofit device which is installed inside your Switch Board and can control 8 lights/fixtures. It also integrates with various 433Mhz Radio Frequency based Motion Sensors, Door Sensors and many more.

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  • Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • 1 Year Warranty for complete Peace of Mind
  • Controls 8 Switches.
  • No wiring changes required. Fits inside swichboard
  • Integrates with all 433 Mhz Motion Sensors, Touch Buttons, Remotes.
  • Supports Scenes to create Mood Lighting

Katkum 8Node Installation

Electrical Connections

Step 1

Before opening switch board Turn off Main Power Supply
Mains power off

Step 2

Open switch board and make sure it fits inside then make connections as shown in diagram
Load (Max 300Watt) is to be connected to the Green connector on the Side of Katkum Smart Switch and the switches should be connected to the 9 wires connector provided in the box. Node8 Wiring Diagram
  1. Turn Off MCB and Inverter if present
  2. Identify and separate Phase and Neutral on the switchboard. Remove Phase and Neutral completely from the switches common point.
    * Warning: Switches which are to be connected to Katkum Device should not get direct Phase or Neutral Supply as the supply will be provided from Katkum Device. Providing Phase in those switches will permanently damage the Katkum Device.
  3. Connect the Yellow wire to the common terminal of switches.
  4. Remove all the connections from the switches and number them based on switch position (Switch 1, Switch 2 etc). Connect the wires from Katkum Switch as per the shown in diagram
  5. Connect Phase and Neutral on the Katkum Smart Switch as per the Labels (P = Phase [Red Wire], N= Neutral [Black Wire] or as shown in diagram)
  6. If you want to connect higher wattage load such as Air Conditioner (AC) use external solid state relay of 230V AC
  7. After properly connecting everything Turn on the MCB before closing the switchboard. The device will now enter in setup mode and start beeping continuously.
  8. Carefully operate the switches and make sure switches are working as expected in manual mode.
  9. Before closing switchboard download and install katkum app and connect the device to WiFi, steps are given below

Download the app

Connecting Katkum Smart Home to Wifi

  1. Make sure device is continuously beeping. For setup WiFi with internet is must.
  2. Search for “Kaktum” in Google Play Store or Apple Store and Install the Application
  3. Login into the Application using your Gmail Account. Keep note of this Google Account it is required while configuring alexa.
  4. Please make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi and not on Mobile Data, Turn off mobile data.
  5. Switch to Devices Tab and Click on (+) Icon on Top right to setup a New Device.
  6. Katkum App will now ask you for permission to detect device location. Click “Allow” as this permission is required to Manage Wifi networks to setup Katkum Device. WiFi Setup

  7. “Add Device” screen will show your Wi-Fi SSID. Make sure it is correct or else Press scanbutton and select connect Wifi Network.
  8. Enter your Wi-Fi Password. Click on the Save Checkbox to avoid entering Wi-Fi Password
  9. again and again while setting up your other devices
  10. Android: Press Configure Button
    • Minimize Katkum Application
    • Open Settings and Connect to “Katkum Setup” Wifi Network
    • Switch to Katkum Application again
    • Press Configure Button
  11. Device will now stop beeping and restart. Upon restart it will make a short beep sound and then a long beep sound. Long beep sound means the device is connected to your Wifi Network successfully.
  12. The device should appear in the devices list. If not, click the Refresh button again or drag devices list downwards to refresh.
  13. New Device Icon will appear in the devices list. Select the device icon and It will ask you to setup Device Name and the Icon. Device Setup

  14. Enter device name as per the room name. For example, if device is installed in MasterBedroom, name it as “Master Bedroom”
  15. Select appropriate icon and click save. The device will now restart again and show up on the Devices Tab with the new Icon.
  16. Click on the device Icon, this time it will show you the switches from Switch 1 to Switch 6. Click on any switch to see it in action.
Setting up the Switches
  1. Toggle each Switch On/Off to verify which Light/Fan load it turns on
  2. Click on the Menu Icon (Three Horizontal Lines) next to each switch and click on Edit
  3. Name your switch. For example, name the Master Bedroom lights as “Master Light” or you can even name it like “Light 1”, “Light 2” etc. Please make sure you will be able to identify each switch by its name. This will be useful to setup the device in Amazon Alexa or Google Home to identify the switches by Voice Commands.
  4. Properly place the Katkum Smart Home in Switch board and Close the Switch Board.
  5. Congratulation! You have just turned your Room into a Smart Room.

Alexa Integration

Connecting Katkum 8Node with Alexa skills!

Note: You will need to have Device and Contents to Amazon.in in order to link Katkum Skills. Also, your device location in Alexa App should be India else the Katkum Skill will not appear in the Skill Store.
  1. Open Amazon Alexa app on your Mobile Phone
  2. Click on Menu and Select Skills
  3. Search for “Katkum Smart Home” in Amazon Skills
  4. Once found, click on Katkum Smart Home Skill
  5. Click on Enable Skill. It will prompt you for Login. Login with same Gmail Account you used to setup Katkum Smart Home application.
  6. Once paired successfully, Alexa will discover devices. If not, say “Alexa, discover devices”
  7. Alexa will prompt you that she found new devices.
  8. Say “Alexa, turn on Switch Name” to see it in action
Q – My devices is not continuously beeping but I heard single beep sound and the device is not appearing in the list
A – It seems you have entered incorrect Wi-Fi Password or your Wi-Fi router is not allowing the connection from the device. Please make sure there is no blocking / Mac filter setup on the router. Also check if your Wi-Fi is operating in 2.4 Ghz band. 5 Ghz Wi-Fi is not supported by many devices and may cause problems.

Q – While setting up the device I entered incorrect Wi-Fi Password, or I want to change Wi-Fi Password.
A – Turn any one Button on the switchboard connected to Katkum Smart Switch On/Off 5 times. If you turn it On/Off 5 times in 10 seconds, it will reset the Katkum Smart Switch and it will enter into setup mode. Follow the setup instructions again to setup the device.

Q – The device is not responding or not connecting at all
A – Turn off Main MCB and turn it on again. This will force the device to restart

Q – The device makes beep sound every few seconds or the device connects/disconnects again and again
A – It seems your Wi-Fi Signal is very weak. Try adjusting the Wi-Fi Router position or put a Wi-Fi Repeater so that device in each room gets enough Wi-Fi Signal. We recommend having at least 60% Wi-Fi Signal for proper working. You can check your Wi-Fi Signal strength using Wi-Fi Signal Strength mobile applications available in play store.

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